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Grape COZY 1M2 sustainable designer phone booth for the openplan office

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape

The openplan office space – where everyone can listen in on conversations – affect both productivity and well-being* making it necessary for businesses with openplan offices to be at the forefront of research into solving acoustic challenges. One solution could very well be acquiring the Grape Cozy 1M2.

*More than 50 % of people working in open plan offices have a hard time concentrating says study performed by Sidney University and according to BBC Capital you’re likely to be 15 % less productive.

The Grape Cozy 1M2 has active ventilation and built-in noise reduction

The Grape Cozy 1M2 comes with a well thought out acoustic canal that expels 24 litres of air per second ensuring the user’s fresh air supply is sufficient at all times.

Its sides and top are made from 100 mm thick natural cork with an acoustic Rw value of 42 – the equivalent of isolated drywall. And its glass reduces sound to 38 db, resulting in a combined effect of a more than adequate soundproofing feature. Also, cork absorbs sound allowing for at not only perfectly balanced sound inside the booth, but also on the outside, to the benefit of the coworkers surrounding the booth.

Dimensions of the Grape Cozy 1M2

As the name suggests, the floor area of the Grape Cozy 1M2 covers one square metre, allowing plenty of room for a high table and a bar stool. Its outside dimensions of H: 222 cm, W: 120 cm and D: 102 cm are so compact that the telephone booth can fit into most interior layouts. The wall-hung tabletop has room for a standard laptop and a cup of coffee, and it sits at a height suitable for both standing and sitting down on a bar stool. Because the booth is no bigger inside than outside, a padded bar stool sans back is indicated – we recommend Gubi's comfortable Beetle bar stool shown in the photos.

Close to being a sustainable design example

The main component of the Grape Cozy 1M2 is natural cork in a lovely golden sphagnum brown colour. And as the cork is peeled from the cork oak every nine years, the cork plantation is basically a lung that each year absorbs thousands of tons CO2, making the cork production, as a whole, CO2 negative – leaving plenty of room for transportion between the plantation in Portugal and us, here in Denmark.

The cork used in the Grape Cozy series originates from the outermost layer of the bark of the cork oak. Hence the dark sphagnum brown colour. The granulate of the bark is pressed hard into a box while adding 350 degree-hot water vapour. A process that causes the cork to release its own binder. Therefore, the spagnum brown cork plates are a 100 % pure natural product.

The cork plates are processed by one of our neighbours in Copenhagen’s Northwest quarter. Close enough for us to deliver and pick up the cork on a pallet truck. And the massive oil-treated oak planks are manufactured by the carpenter in the basement here on Rentemestervej. This has eliminated the burning of fossil fuels otherwise needed to transport the planks between locations.

The Grape Cozy 1M2 is modular and requires no adhesive. Therefore, it may be easily disassembled and sorted when one day it needs to be disposed of. Making the Grade Cozy 100 % reusable.

Come check it out!

Call Frank on +45 40 42 14 40 if you want to stop by and try out the Grape Cozy 1M2. And if you're lucky, we just may offer you a refreshment from Kaffekompagniet downstairs.