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The Grape Cozy 1M2 is the open office phone booth

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape

The open plan office space – where everyone can listen in on conversations – affect both productivity and well-being. Evolution has taught man to respond to noises coming from the thicket to enable a quick escape from let’s say a sabre-toothed cat with the munchies.

Although the sabre-toothed cat has been replaced by cheerful collegial customer conversation, our prehistoric and by now instinctual survival system kicks in and responds in much the same way: with alert- and readiness, resulting in focus and concentration levels suffering. The solution is the latest interpretation of the telephone booth, i.e. the Grape Cozy 1M2.

The Grape Cozy 1M2 has active ventilation and is soundproof like a telephone booth

The Grape Cozy 1M2 telephone booth is the result of our experience with the Grape Cozy 6M2 meeting box, introduced in 2018, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen. It turned out that the 100 mm thick natural cork offers near-perfect noise reduction for bothersome noise and ‘chatter’. On the other hand, we had to acknowledge that the open ventilation of the meeting box didn’t incapsulate sound as is expected of a telephone booth. Therefore, we have replaced the passive ventilation with a new active noise-insulated ventilation solution that moves as much as 24 litres of air per second. And that is why the latest Grape Cozy 1M2 is both as soundproof as a telephone booth and comfortable to be in.

Dimensions of the Grape Cozy 1M2

As the name suggests, the floor area of the Grape Cozy 1M2 covers one square metre, allowing plenty of room for a high table and a bar stool. Its outside dimensions of H: 222 cm, W: 120 cm and D: 102 cm are so compact that the telephone booth can fit into most interior layouts. The wall-hung tabletop has room for a standard laptop and a cup of coffee, and it sits at a height suitable for both standing and sitting down on a bar stool. Because the booth is no bigger inside than outside, a padded bar stool sans back is indicated – we recommend Gubi's comfortable Beetle bar stool shown in the photos.

Close to being a sustainable design example

The main component of the Grape Cozy 1M2 is natural cork from Portugal. The cork is a bark that is peeled from the cork oak, which upon harvest is left alone for nine years before it’s ready for yet another harvest. Therefore, the cork plant constantly absorbs a high volume of CO2. Enough for the entire cork production to be CO2 negative.

The cork used in the Grape Cozy originates from the outermost layer of the bark of the cork oak. Hence the dark spagnum brown colour. The granulate of the bark is pressed hard into a box while adding 350 degree-hot water vapour. A process that causes the cork to release its own binder. Therefore, the spagnum brown cork plates are a 100 percent pure natural product.

The cork plates are processed by one of our neighbours in Copenhagen’s Northwest quarter. Close enough for us to deliver and pick up the cork on a pallet truck. And the massive oil-treated oak planks are manufactured by the carpenter in the basement here on Rentemestervej. This also has reduced the burning of fossil fuels for transport between locations.

The Grape Cozy 1M2 is modular. Therefore, it may easily be disassembled and sorted when one day it needs to be disposed of. Which, by the way, should not happen within the next 20-30 years.

The remaining elements of the Grape Cozy we procure from reputable and environmentally-proven Danish manufacturers. So all in all, we have come to the conclusion that in relation to the environment our conscience is clear every time we sell a Grape Cozy telephone booth.

Come meet us and hear very little

Call Frank on +45 40 42 14 40 if you want to drop by and try out the Grape Cozy 1M2. And if you're lucky, we just may offer you a refreshment from Kaffekompagniet downstairs.