Grape Reception in Corian® or corrugated cardboard

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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Grape Reception by Grape is truly an unique peace of furniture. The delicate curves and the use of attractive materials are meant to give your new visitors a nice warm welcome while leaving the best possible first impression of your company.

Sustainable in every detail

The special Grape Reception with laser-cutted corrugated cardboard front, painted steel and solid bamboo countertop is one of the most sustainable receptions on the planet. The corrugated cardboard front is stacked without the use of glue making it easy to recycle 100%. All steel parts are manufactured in Denmark according to the strictest environmental requirements. The bamboo plate for the tabletop is made where the bamboo grows avoiding unnecessary pollution from transport of waste materials. The stacked construction also makes is possible to replace damaged cardboard parts at a breeze.

Grape Reception desk in Corian®

Do you need something more classical and still durable, then Corian® is perfect choice of material. The invisible handmade weldings and the silky smooth surface ensures that the Grape Reception in Corian® offers superior quality touch and feel. And therefore also a long lasting first impression of your company and your sense of quality. The inside is lined with felt. This gives the employee a workspace with a very nice and friendly feeling. The integrated elevated sit and stand desk plate ensures that this is the perfect reception desk for at full time workday.

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