Shop design that inspires and motivates

When we enter a shop, it’s to pick up a specific item or to be inspired and guided by skilled professionals. Were that not the case, only online shopping would remain. Therefore, there’s a direct correlation between how inspiring your shop design is and your revenue.

You’re buying shop design not pictures to be mounted on your walls

GrapeDesign are known for being reasonable and pretty darn quick  when designing new concepts for shops and retail chains. We charge a fixed hourly rate, and get a lot done in just few hours. We’re faster because we don’t draw by hand or make photorealistic renderings. We do, however, always draw everything in 3D producing an easily comprehended drawing of your interior design. Nice - but not a work of art you hang on the wall.

We also welcome chain stores

Since 2007, we have, together with our wonderful client Q8 (OKQ8, Sweden), honed our adeptness at addressing the special challenges and opportunities inherent to the chain concept. This has prepared us to scale everything – from design and concept development to logistics and production – to need.

Q8 recommend GrapeDesign for shop design

In connection with the upgrade of our shop concept and subsequent licensing round we chose GrapeDesign as our main supplier of shop interior. They have been our supplier for six years (almost 10 years in 2017), and have thoroughly lived up to our expectations and the alignment agreed to at the time of entering into the agreement.

GrapeDesign have several professional tech teams, and they deliver the goods without whining and despite tight schedules. Working with GrapeDesign as the main furniture supplier has been a plus - and all tasks, big and small have been honoured. When an error occurs - which can’t be avoided - GrapeDesign exhibit high quality and seriousness. I’d be happy to recommend GrapeDesign as a partner and supplier of shop interiors.

Jens Bundgaard, Senior Advisor with Q8, Kuwait Petroleum (Danmark) A/S