Restaurant and cafe interior design

Your guests should feel comfortable. So when we arrange and design cafes and restaurants, we create environments that influence behaviour. Specifically, we place soft curves above hard edges, muted colours above bright ones and organic materials above synthetic surfaces. A combination of suitable lighting design and superior acoustics is our direct way to creating an environment that your guests will recommend and enjoy returning to.

Don’t forget about the acoustics!

Off and on, we hear people say: "It's a good restaurant. The food is great and the decor interesting, but the acoustics are hopeless. We won’t return.” This cannot be. Let us help you get a handle on the acoustics, and ensure that you have only repeat customers.

Magazine THE HOST article about GrapeDesign’s thoughts on restaurant and cafe decor:

INTERIOR DESIGN - Surroundings that invite you to return

Few would disagree that environment affects behaviour. In companies, an appropriate interior design can promote employee creativity and productivity. Whereas in a restaurant or cafe, it's more about the guests and their comfort.

In this setting, surroundings complement the eating experience and promote return visits as well as guests recommending the establishment to their friends. And isn’t that what is needed to succeed in that trade?

There’s no bulletproof formula for how to arrange your office or restaurant in a way that is sure to elevate your success. But working with motivational interior decor and design has led us in a particular direction. The good news is that  it’s hardly rocketscience, and very few elements can ensure that you get the best possible start. Overall, it’s about creating a tranquil almost zen-like environment, making sure to avoid that it becomes too boring, of course – snooze effect, no thanks! At GrapeDesign we believe that this is best achieved by introducing soft inviting shapes and materials in muted nature inspired colours, pleasant lighting and superior acoustics.

Acoustics is actually a bit of a hobbyhorse at GrapeDesign. It’s so disappointing when design, decor, food and service are in perfect sync, and the acoustics sorely neglected. Guests should be able to hear what’s being said on the other side of the table. When acoustics fail, guests miss out, don’t return and nor do they recommend your establishment. They may very well do quite the opposite.


Recently GrapeDesign collaborated with Farumhus Pastry and Bakery. The first concrete interior design task was a new cafe in BIG shopping in the Danish city of Herlev. We had a huge raw room in concrete, more than seven metres high. The task was to incorporate the rawness into the design while creating an inviting and comfortable environment. We fused acoustics and design by using molo cloud lamps, a 175 centimetre high upholstered bench, acoustic images and a four metre high acoustic light wall. The tables and counter were produced in sustainable bamboo and we opted for the unique Wendela Chairs from Functionals. A chair with a wooden seat and alloy frame, high comfort and a strong visual language that suited the concept perfectly.

After Herlev, we went on to their pastry shop on mainstreet Birkerød, where GrapeDesign managed to recreate the atmosphere even though the space is shared with a Danish Irma shop.