Decor, acoustics and behaviour

If you’re looking for decor that inspires creativity, is conducive to creativity, and might even promote customer spending, it is crucial to create surroundings that exude energy and reduce stress. Acoustics is a very important factor to achieve this goal.

Acoustic solutions and knowledge in one place

GrapeDesign has given poor acoustics notice. For this reason, we spend a lot of time and energy expanding our toolbox with the best acoustic solutions, and have gathered the information, knowhow and knowledge necessary to apply them correctly. An initiative that has informed us and made us all the wiser, were two large surveys with more than 4,000 subscribers to our newsletter. Contact us for a summary.

Call Christian and get a handle on your acoustics

Fortunately, it’s within reach to get a handle on your acoustics, irrespective of your interior design choice. And GrapeDesign are happy to assist you from conception over solution to execution. Please feel free to call our acoustics specialist and designer, Christian Nygaard concerning your acoustics needs on his mobile +45 40 646 100. Preferably before dinner time (in Denmark).