Why Grape

We believe that environment and surroundings affect human behaviour. This is why everything we do is about creating environments that exude peace and promote wellbeing whilst inspiring their users, e.g. office building staff or guests in a restaurant.

When we’re sat at the drawing board to develop new Grape products, we do so on the basis of familiar elements that have proven successful in terms of making people feel comfortable. Among them are soft curves, organic materials, and nature-inspired colours.

With this approach, Grape solutions have a responsive allure. For example, the Grape Reception, is experienced as welcoming and the Grape Box highback sofa feels almost embracing. These elements contribute to the feeling of comfort, wellbeing in thoughtful designs.

Grape also offer interior decor solutions. It’s a passion of ours that we cannot abandon and the source of inspiration for the next Grape product. We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be without this discourse with our users.