iStand kiosk desk stand for iPad

iPad desk stand

iStand kiosk desk stand for iPad - pure function

iStand kiosk desk stand for iPad is designed to give you the basic functions that are needed to get the job done. No extras - just plain, simple function. Its simplicity promotes the user interaction by being almost anonymous. The iStand fits Apple iPad 2 and newer and comes in a nice black structure coating with the option of choosing any RAL color to fit your projects needs.

iPad desk stand

iPad desk stand

The iPad cable are concealed inside the tube and can be connected to the power supply below the desk top. The head can be fitted in both vertical and horisontal position.

iStand iPad floor stand

iStand is also available as an attractive floor stand. The tube is longer and the foot is bigger and heavier. Find it here ...

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Impact iPad floor stand

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