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Impact sofa convertible

Lounge sofa with embracing curves

The Impact concept is synonymous with an inviting and intimate décor. The soft welcoming and familiar curves of the Impact reception and Impact lectern 1 are mirrored in the design of the Impact lounge sofa. The curved interior sides seem almost embracing and make for a comfortable and calming experience.

Impact sofa convertible
Impact sofa conventional height

With optional sofa-top

For added privacy, simply adding a top module may magnify the use of the Impact sofa. The simple conversion to and from a conventional sofa to a box sofa makes the Impact sofa both flexible and lasting as your décor changes over time.

Impact high back sofa
Impact sofa with optional sofa-top

Impact sofa convertible
Armrest extends to the front. Put you feets up and it is a backrest.


Length - 200 cm (two seater)
Height - 79 cm (conventional lounge sofa)
Height - 140 cm (with sofa-top)
Depth - 102 cm
Upholstery - Hallingdal 65 from Kvadrat (70% pure wool)

Impact lounge sofa is designed by Christian Nygaard for GrapeDesign

Impact Reception

Impact Lectern 1

Impact iPad floor stand

Impact sofa convertible
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