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Impact receptionsdisk i pap

Impact reception desk

The Impact reception desk is a modular reception desk solution with an almost infinite number of customisable options. The delicate curves and exclusive materials give your customers and visitors the best possible first impression of your business.

Standard or customised?

Since the Impact reception desk is designed with modularity in mind, the price point is competitive, while still providing you options both in terms of design and function, which will make your reception area stand out out and give you a tailored solution. A customised look at a modular price.

Impact receptionsdisk
Impact reception desk with front in Corian®

You decide colors, materials and function

Impact reception desk was originally created in Corian® and later introduced in the stunning cardboard version. But we are flexible and have made some in laminate at Handelsbanken (ex below right), and even one in red linoleum as the bar in a coffee shop north of Copenhagen. We do not alter the curves - but can use the modular flexibility to build the solution that fits you and your interior design.

Impact receptionsdisk i pap
Impact reception desk with steeltop, cardboard front and bamboo tabletop

As sustainable as it can be

The Impact reception with cardboard front, painted steel and solid bamboo countertop must be one of the most sustainable receptions on this planet. It containes 100% recyclable cardboard. All steel parts are manufactured in Denmark under the strictest environmental requirements. The bamboo plate for the countertop is made where the bamboo grow (not to transp waste materials). And last but not least the assembling 100% mechanically (no glue). The design also makes is possible to replace damaged cardboard a breeze. A plus for the sustainability. Does it get any greener?

Impact receptionsdisk i pap og bambus
Impact reception desk with front i cardboard and bamboo tabletop

Short about Impact

Impact products are designed with the customers crucial first five seconds in mind combined with the functions needed for your employees working with the products five days a week. Impact solutions are superior in terms of value for money and excitement per dollar.

Impact receptionsdisk hos Handelsbanken
Doouble Impact reception desk at Handelsbanken Odense

Impact receptionsdisk i corian
The first Impact reception desk in Corian®
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