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Queue management for Apple iOS devices made easy

The Impact queue app is your professional iOS compatible printing and stress-free queuing system. The system is easily set up with WiFi and runs offline. And thanks to the built-in features, paper jams and refills are things of the past. The Impact queue was developed to compliment an input device (e.g. iPad mounted on a floor stand at the entrance), a display device (iPad Pro) and a calling device (iPod touch). Customers register with their chosen username at the entrance, the relevant queue is displayed and your sales reps simply use the calling device to call the next customer in line. To enhance the queuing experience even more, the Impact queue app can service several checkout lines simultaneously.

Impact queue display
Easy to read display with POS number

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Important! You need three iOS devices with access to the same Wifi network to run the Impact queue system. Easy set-up. See "How to set up the system?" Under the FAQs.


We have developed the Impact queue app to be the world’s simplest queuing system. If you have questions or suggestions as to how we can make it even simpler, we’d be happy to hear from you. Email your questions or suggestions to us in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.

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Queue input
Input screen for customers to enter their call name

FAQs and how to set up the system

IMPORTANT! You need minimum three iOS devises on the same Wifi to run the Impact queue app. Only one input device per system, at least one caller and one display.

First connect all iOS devices to the same wireless network (minimum three devices). When the Impact queue app is launched, devices connect automatically; just give them a minute. The devices function* (Run as:) and additional texts are defined on the start-up screen of each device, (e.g. name of device and welcome text). Lastly, simply click Go on all devices.

*Input is the device onto which the customer enters his or her username. Display is the screen that shows the queue. Caller is the device your sales reps use to call the next customer in the line.

NB! We recommend that movements (Settings> General> Multitasking >Movements) and access to Controls (Settings > Controls > Access from apps) be turned off in the Settings of the input device. Messages should also be turned off.

Queue easy set-upStartup screen for easy setup of each device

What is device name?

Device name is used to indicate device name. It is only necessary to enter a device name of caller devices, used by your sales reps to call next in line. The device name appears on the display and can be used to indicate number in queue. So a device name could be Queue 1, Queue 2 and so on.

What does the Welcome text imply?

The customisable welcome text is displayed on the screen of the input devise to encourage customers to enter their username. A welcome text could be, ”What should we call you today?”

What does Double error indicate?

Double error is displayed on the screen of the input device and is the customisable text you want to use to warn your clients against double entries. A good double error text could be, ”There is already somebody queuing with that user name, what else may we call you?”

What does Run as mean?

Run as signifies whether or not the device is to be used as Display, Caller or Input. Remember that you can only run one input device alongside at least one display and one caller.

How many devices should we use?

The Impact queue app must run on at least three types of devices to function. Only one input device for entering customer usernames. Most use one caller device per queue and 1-2 display devices to display the queue in the shop.

I have problems connecting my devices; what do I do?

If the devices are not connecting to each other, due to communication problems. Check that all devices have a secure connection to the same WIFI network. If the problem persists, reboot the app on all devices.

What about sound?

We have built in an easy listening ’attention tone’ on the display. The volume can be adjusted on the iPad’s regular sound volume settings.

The test app times out, what do I do if I want to run a longer test?

The test app is the full version of the Impact queue app, but it is limited to 20 minutes. If you would like to test beyond 20 minutes, simply restart the app. When you are sure that the Impact queue is the system for you, purchase the app by clicking or touching Shop in the lower left corner of the screen.

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