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Lectern 2 LEGOLAND Hotel & ConferenceImpact lectern 2 at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference

Multi-purpose lecterns

We design our lecterns to be multi-purpose. They cover everything from conference lecterns to restaurants welcoming desk and even small workstations. They are standard solutions, that can be custom fitted to meet your needs exactly.

Just send us a mail and tell about your needs.

Impact lectern 1 and 2

We have our standard modifiable versions of Impact lectern 1 and lectern 2. And you are always welcome to challenge us with special heights, sizes, logo's, shelfs and more. Both lecterns comes with plain table top solutions. We can make special cutting for all AV accessories. Impact lectern 2 is as standard provided with high quality lifting column for elevated table top. But even lectern 1 can be modified for elevation as well.

Impact lectern 1 with front of recyclable cardboard or Corian®

Impact lectern, rostrum

Impact lectern 1 and rostrum

The original Impact lectern 1 was first introduced with a front of recyclable corrugated cardboard and desktop in solid bamboo. It is an exciting, untraditional solution for delivery of speeches, hotel concierges and restaurant desks.

Lectern, rostrum
Lectern 1 medium special edition - medium, sitting height, signature circle

We originally developed the cardboard front desk for fun, to exhibit at Building Green 2013. A very positive response and increasing interest in green products led us to introduce it as a standard product.

The show must go on. Impact lectern 1 is therefore also now available with a Corian® Glacier White front and optional height adjustable tabletop. It you need more space we have introduced a new medium sized lectern, big enough to accommodate, for instance, the Apple iMac 27’’.

Lectern, rostrum
Lectern 1 small corrugated cardbord front, bamboo desk og steel top

Same structural design

Impact lectern 1 and Impact Impact reception with front in corrugated cardboard shares the same simple structure. A steel top and a steel base are firmly clamped around the stacked cardboard with vertical integrated steel rods. This makes the front both robust and resilient. Since no glue is used, it is easy to replace the cardboard sections if the front is damaged (extra cardboard is even included).

Lectern, rostrum, Corian®
Lectern 1 small Corian® Glacier White front and stonegrey felt inside

Two sizes

Small: Width 730 mm, height, 1170 mm, depth 500 mm
Medium: Width 1000 mm, height 1170 mm, depth 690 mm

Impact lectern 2 with adjustable desktop, Corian® front and optional back-illuminated logo

Impact lectern

Impact lectern 2

The Impact lectern is the perfect frame for your speaker or host. It intuitively directs attention and through modular options, provides all the functions needed for successful everyday performance.

Impact lectern 2

Originally developed for Hotel The Square in Copenhagen, Impact lectern was our first-born in a series of lecterns. It can be fitted to act as a speaker’s podium with adjustable height and Corian® Glacier White or Nocturne (piano black) front. For the white lectern we offer optional backlit logo.

About Impact

Impact is a product line of products for customer areas and receptions, designed to give a higher quality impression through a more exciting look and feel.

Impact lectern 2

The Impact products are designed with the customers crucial first five seconds in mind combined with the functions needed for your employees working with the products five days a week. Impact solutions are superior to anything else in the market both in terms of value for money and excitement per dollar.

Black lectern at Lego in Denmark, Billund

Black lectern at Lego in Denmark, Billund

Black lectern at Lego in Denmark, Billund

Impact Reception

Impact Lectern 1

Impact iPad floor stand

Impact sofa convertible
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