Impact iPad floor stand

iPad floor stand

Impact iPad floor stand

Impact is a crisp looking and very versatile iPad floor stand. The stand is designed for all kinds of commercial and information purposes. The design of is done in a way that attracts the attention of customers in your shop, guests at your hotel or visitors during fairs or conferences.

Impact iPad floor stand is manufactured in smooth and durable Corian® or veneer which not only makes it a visual delight, but also offer superior quality touch and feel. The wide front has excellent space for displaying information about the interaction or other relevant static visuals.

This is my very first own product and I am proud

Impact iPad floor stand is my very first own product. The goal was to create a iPad stand that in design, function and quality surpassed everything else I had seen. Later I've learned that there are other very fine solutions out there. However, it has not touched my pride in my first product. I am also deligted, that it has been well received among so many professional users of iPad floor stands. Christian Nygaard, GrapeDesign

OHIM Design registration 001910183-0001

Impact iPad kiosk at Linak SSF2013
Impact iPad stand giving directions ...

Interactions that helps you reach your goal

Everybody knows, it's not only important to look good on the outside - inner value counts too. That's the reason for choosing Apples iPad, as the brain of the Impact floor stand. The iPad provides a rock solid infrastructure with superiour stability and possibilites. Points that are crucial for an automated solutions success in your business. Automatic should mean a minimum of maintenance, which the iPad provides.

iPad floor stand
Making Impact in the reception area at a lawyer firm in central Copenhagen

Impact floor stand in the black Corian® Nocturne

In 2014 DuPont introduced a new Nocturne (black). Deaper in color and more resistant to bends. Finally making it possible to do the Impact floor stand in a nice piano black version. We have been waiting for this opportunity and are really exited that it's finally here and that it looks just as We hope for.

Impact floor stand for iPad
Impact floor stand for iPad in the new Corian® Nocturne

Impact iPad kiosk stand at Normann Copenhagen
Impact in good company - Georg Jensen @ Normann Copenhagen


We are proud of our design; but who uses it makes us even prouder. Just to mention af few - Tesla Motors NY, Avinor Stavanger, Danske Bank London and Nespresso Belgium.

iPad floor stand
Impact floor stand prototype introduced at CODE 11 in Copenhagen

iPad home button

In most cases our clients wants the iPad home button to be concealed avoiding users to interact with other apps. But in some cases - like the hotel here in Copenhagen that offers their guests free access to Safari and Airprint there is a need to expose the button. We do this by cutting away a half circle ... or moon.

Impact iPad floor stand
Optional half moon cut-out for the iPad home button

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Impact iPad stands by GrapeDesign

When developing iPad stands our aim is to take advantage of the iPads compact formfactor and its brilliant functionality. It is relatively easy to hold an iPad in the right height and angle; but to do it elegant takes a bit more thinking.

We have developed several very different iPad stands. Impact floor stand is designed to attract the attention people passing by. iStand iPad we developed in a close coorporation with a leeding developer of Apps for mobile devices. The iStand is therefore designed purly to function. All our iPad stnads are designed to hold iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Air.

About Impact products

Impact is a line of products for customer areas and receptions, designed to give a higher quality impression through a more exciting look and feel.

The Impact products are designed with the customers crucial first five seconds in mind combined with the functions needed for your employees working with the products five days a week. Impact solutions are superior to anything else in the market both in terms of value for money and excitement per dollar.

Impact Reception

Impact Lectern 1

Impact iPad floor stand

Impact sofa convertible
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