Impact iPad desk stand

Impact iPad desk stand

Impact iPad desk stand

The Impact iPad desk stand is designed to either compliment the Impact floor stand or used on its own. Sometimes your setup it better suited for a desk/table solution (e.g. a shelf in a shop or the counter in a café), for which the Impact kiosk desk stand for iPad is a perfect fit. Impact iPad desk stand can be used with iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Air.

Long lasting sence of quality

Impact iPad desk stand for is made from smooth Corian® which guarantees long lasting looks and durable construction with a high quality feel. Now available in Glacier white and Nocturne (black).

iPad desk stand
Impact iPad desk stand in my kitchen at home

Impact iPad desk stand reference projects

Apart from being a nice table stand the Impact iPad desk stand can be used commercially. Like Avinor in Stavanger and Crowne Plaza Copenhagen does.

iPad desk stand in fasnioable cloth shopImpact desk stand in a fasnionable cloth shop in Copenhagen

Looking for a floor stand?

If you like the look of the Impact desk stand and the sence of quality, then I suggest you to take a look at the Impact iPad floor stand as well.

iPad desk stand behindiPad cable opening on the back of the iPad desk stand

iPad home button

In most cases our clients wants the iPad home button to be concealed avoiding users to interact with other apps. But in some cases - like the hotel here in Copenhagen that offers their guests free access to Safari and Airprint there is a need to expose the button. We do this by cutting away a half circle ... or moon.

iPad desk stand - cut our for home button
Optional half moon cut-out for the iPad home button

Impact Reception

Impact Lectern 1

Impact iPad floor stand

Impact sofa convertible
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