We believe physical environments affect human behaviour

Interior design should always take its cue from the behaviour an organisation aspires to embrace. Among other elements, employee creativity and buyer spending inform this approach.

Many mechanisms affect human behaviour and may favourably be employed in the beautification of the physical environment. We divide these elements into subcategories of decoration design, acoustics, colours, materials, forming, light, sound and smell and help companies pick and choose from a complete palette of available instruments.

The smallest elements influence perception of any space. GrapeDesign develops and offers products and solutions that drive human experience and behaviour. It is within this framework that we develop new Impact products.

Durable sustainability

Durable sustainability’ may sound repetitive but that’s the description we have opted for to describe both the Impact reception and the Impact lectern 1 with corrugated fronts. Accordingly, they are produced from sustainable and reusable materials, with the desired enduring effect, again due to the cardboard fronts, which are stacked without the use of any adhesives, and are therefore easily replaced, and also long lasting because they are so pleasing to the eye.

Impact products

Impact is a product line intended for customer and receptions areas, designed to inspire and heighten the impression of quality through a more exciting look and feel.

When designing Impact products, we’re mindful of those first five fateful seconds when first impressions are formed in the customer’s mind. Combined with relevant and required functionality for everyday use and with the specific purpose of inspiring a creative workspace and inviting environment for staff and visitors alike, Impact solutions are designed to be superior both in terms of value for money and thrill factor.


GrapeDesign is a Copenhagen based design studio. Our aim is to provide companies with better and smarter interior design solutions. In pursuit of that mission, our designs are based on concepts that take user perspectives into account and that meet all functionality needs and requirements in an exciting and innovative way. We simply don’t leave the drawing board, until these objectives have been met.

That’s our promise.

Christian Nygaard, designer and owner

GrapeDesign, Rentemestervej 64, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark,
Phone.: +45 38 878 800, Mail: eu@grapedesign.dk